Next target of hackers-Cars?

Hackers pounding into Smart Cars

Struggling over to the computer network, hackers proved that if given time, they will be able to pop the trunk and start the windshield wipers,


TIZEN devices will hit INDIA first

As per reports, India will be the launching platform for Samsung Electronics’ O.S. Tizen. Also to note that they’ll be doing so in a month,

Windows 10

10 Things you need to know about Windows 10

Microsoft already shown the first look of  Windows 10 operating system on Tuesday at San Francisco. Microsoft promised an OS that will be more intuitive


Windows 10 Preview Available

Microsoft has yet made another breakthrough after its Windows 8.1 release. Microsoft has taken a major leap from its 8.1 to Windows 10. When Windows


Build Your Own Smartphone Says Project Ara

In today’s world, almost every individual owns a smartphone, and there has been a lot of development in the field of smartphone application ever since

xbox one

Microsoft Xbox One officially launched in india

Microsoft has officially launched the Xbox One , its latest generation gaming console in India. The Xbox One is being exclusively sold through and available in a couple of variants.

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It’s Time to Fly: Hoverbike

An era ago, the picture of future was painted in bright colors, totally hi-tech with flying cars and moving pavements just like the escalators do.