New Time machine by google maps

Google’s Street View cars buzz up and down the world’s roadways rather frequently. Usually, when Google gets new data from its road-going cameras, it takes

Seagate launches 6 TB hard drives

Seagate announces 6 TB hard drives named Enterprise Capacity 3.5 HDD and insisting it to be the worlds fastest hard drives till date.The working speed

INTEL announched Series 730 SDDs’:

Intel announced the Series 730 solid state drive a few days before, targetted specifically at gamers and content creators. It is launched in two capacities


RYNO : The One Wheeled Motorcycle

Anyone who rides a motorcycle will tell you that there’s nothing like the thrill of riding whirlwind on the open road with the wind in


African Inventor Makes 3D printer from E-waste

West African inventor Kodjo Afate Gnikou made a $100 3-D printer from leftover parts scavenged from old scanners, computers and printers. The circle of electronic