Now you can help people by donating your voice

Now you can think beyond donating organs, With this new invention called VocalId you can now donate your voice to whomsoever is unable to speak.

Prof. Rupal Patel of the northwestern university and Tim Bunnel of Neumors Alfred I.duPont hospital for children both together have created this new technology called VocalID, It can build synthetic voices using whatever voices a patient produces.

These voices will then be put together with the voice of the donor who matches the patient`s Age, Gender and Size etc.

In the end of all these procedures the result is a synthetic voice which will help people who can speak to express themselves.

Each synthetic voice will be unique like a fingerprint which is also unique.

Prof. Patel stated that it will be a 2 to 3 hours procedure for donors to record their voices and the dialogues which will be recorded by the donors are taken from the books like “The wonderful wizard of Oz, The velveteen rabbit and The white swag”.

The idea is to cover all the different combinations of sound that occurs in any language, Prof. Patel said.

Source: The Indian Reublic.

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