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The Hack language – Programming Language for Future


Do you know the ‘Codebase’ that is capable of running the largest social networking website Facebook? It is ‘Hack’.

The codebase is ‘Hack’ but it has nothing related to hacking. Hack is a new programming language designed by Facebook that will lets programmers build complex websites and other software quickly and most important without Flaws.


“We can say with complete assurance that this has been as battle-tested as it can possibly be”, said Bryan O’Sullivan, the Facebook engineer behind the language, in a statement.

According to the experts, Hack is a new version of PHP, Mark started building this when he started Facebook.

Hack too runs on the Hip Hop Virtual Machine but it lets coders use both dynamic typing and static typing.

Facebook Explanation about Hack:

“Our principal addition is static typing. We have developed a system to annotate function signatures and class members with type information; our type checking algorithm (the type checker) infers the rest. Type checking is incremental, such that even in the same file, some code can be converted to Hack while the rest remains PHP. Technically speaking, Hack is a gradually typed language: dynamically typed code interoperates seamlessly with statically typed code.”

“The Hack adds additional features beyond static type checking, including collections, lambda expressions, and run time enforcement of return and additional parameter types….We are delighted to open-source both Hack and the tools that we used to convert our codebase hacklang.org.”

“You edit a file and you reload a web page and you immediately get the feedback. You get both safety and speed”, O’Sullivan added.

Vicky Singh Rao
I am an entrepreneur at heart who has made his hobby turned passion, his profession now. I love writing about coding, hacking, open-source and cutting-edge technologies.


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