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Games For People Who Are New to Gaming


A recent report found that as an industry, gaming is now worth almost $5 billion per year – that’s more than many would have expected. The growth is partly down to the massive popularity of games like FIFA 19 and Fortnite. But it is also due to a growing acceptance of gaming as a mainstream leisure activity for everyone – just like watching TV or reading a book.

This might be old news to hardened gamers, but what about those who are still laboring under the misconception that gaming is something that is just for kids or geeks? Here are some examples of games that are ideal for converting non-gamers.

Wii Sport Resort

The Nintendo Wii might not have the sales figures of the Xbox 360 or the PlayStation 4, but it is often the starting point for those new to gaming as it really encourages the social side of “having a go.” Wii Sport Resort is perfect for new gamers, as it involves simple, fun sports challenges ranging from basketball to jet skiing – there’s definitely something for everyone.

Live Blackjack

Anyone who still thinks online games are just for kids needs to look at the popularity of online casino games and think again. All the casino favorites are available, but playing blackjack online is a particularly popular choice for those who want to channel their inner James Bond. Live blackjack is an intriguing blend of online gameplay but with a real, human dealer – it has brought the online experience closer than ever to a night out in a real casino. You also have the flexibility of playing from PC, tablet or smartphone.


We all played games using pen, paper, and scissors as kids, and any parent enjoys doing the same with his or her own children. Snipperclips transitions this activity to the Nintendo Switch, setting 3-D challenges that involve snipping and clipping paper into virtual shapes. It’s fun, it’s interactive and it’s something that the whole family can do together. In the modern age, surely that is what gaming is all about.

Rayman Legends

The above three are examples of traditional games that have been digitized. This one, however, is a perfect example of a great side-scrolling video game. Any game in the Rayman series would serve as a good introduction to the joys of video games, but Legends has the most endearing characters and immersive challenges. It also provides the scope to either play alone or to engage with others online.

Pokemon Go

Pokemon was the must-have game of the late 90s back in the Gameboy era. The way it has been re-imagined for the smartphone age is a testament to the ingenuity of its developer, the late Satoru Iwata, and it attracted a whole new type of gamer. It’s ideal for anyone who says they don’t like gaming because they would prefer to be spending time in the great outdoors!

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