RuneScape 3: How to Level Up Your Thieving

Your hands must be itching, don’t they? Theft is a talent in RuneScape 3 that requires you to rummage into the pouches of other players to find any loose change they may have left behind. This extremely rewarding talent is a simple-to-learn diversion from the typical XP grind, and it only takes around 30 hours of practice to attain level 99 of it. If you follow the steps in our instructions below, you’ll be able to steal some of the finest and most exquisite fingered encounters ever.

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Where to Begin?

When dealing with pompous merchants, you have no need to feel terrible about collecting their money since they are so garishly dressed. These high-class merchants spend their whole day loitering about, simply waiting for daring individuals like you to approach them and steal the money from their wallets. You should reach level 5 after about five minutes of doing this activity.

In order to avoid having your Catherby cake get stale due to the salty air, you should take as much as you can with you. If you conceal yourself behind the cart at the Cake Stall within Catherby, you won’t be seen by the guards that patrol the area. If the guards in Ardougne spot you robbing an item from the stall, they will assault you. This will cause your experience gain to slow down since you will have to stop stealing in order to kill the guards with your freshly obtained loaf of bread.

After you finish the Buyers and Cellars, you should join the Thieving Guild. With its rewards, you’ll reach Level 15 in no time. Because we are all aware that all winning streaks eventually come to an end, now is the time to be ready for the unavoidable jailbreak. Your primary objective should be to unlock the north doors of the Thieves Guild. This requires a fair amount of clicking, but as they say, practice makes perfect!

You are going to be unlocking the three doors located at the very top. After each of them is open, it will take close to five minutes for them to reset; thus, take advantage of the ‘hop worlds’ option and immediately jump back in. Keep traveling to other planets as you do this to rack up an impressive 61,000 experience points every hour.

What Else?

And this is how it goes on. It is possible that at this stage, you may discover that the murky dungeon located below Lumbridge is beginning to remind you of home. If so, this is because, after all, it is the Thieves Guild.

This time, though, you are going to need a lockpick, which can be purchased within the Grand Exchange for a couple of thousand coins. I guarantee that it will be finished a lot quicker than you think if you just get started unlocking each of the six doors and bouncing between realms.

Therefore, our hands have been deep within the wallets of others, we have broken ourselves out of jail, and we have eaten more than our part of the cake. But do you have any idea what it is that we haven’t been able to locate yet? Some BIG treasure. Now might be a good moment to investigate all of those hidden hoards that the affluent maintain for themselves. Now is the moment to crack into their vaults!

You need to finish each one of the Thieves Guild Caper Missions in order to learn how to breach safes. Although these quests shouldn’t take too much time, we strongly recommend that you finish them before you go on to the next part of your training.

Before you are caught, make your way to every one of the safe locations, break into the safe, and then move on to the next! After you have completed the last container, you will need to go back to the first one, clean it, and then do it again.

We like to make use of our teleports since they allow us to go from one place to another more quickly. If you want to get to the Wizard’s Tower more quickly, you should utilize the wicked hood.