10 Best Overwatch 2 Players in The World

Which professional players have the potential to be the best Overwatch 2 competitors in the world soon after its official release? Well, there are quite a number of them, so here we have compiled our Top 10 picks for Overwatch 2.

The Overwatch League started back in 2017 and we can expect the sequel game to follow a similar pattern with regard to world championships. Players are people like us and by nature are very dynamic, but the game itself changes to match their pace too. Many patches reworks, updates, new maps, and heroes make it tough to keep up, but the below players proved their resilience and skill by keeping up!

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Top 10 Picks for Overwatch 2 Players

10. Yveltal


Starting off the list is a legendary Support player of the OW World Cup, Li ‘Yveltal’ Xianyao. This Chinese professional gamer performs as one of the supports for the Guangzhou Charge team. Also going by the name ‘Xerneas’, he is world-renowned for his brilliant gameplay as Mercy, acting as his team’s guardian angel. He is no one-trick pony though because his Lucio is just as solid.

As one of the greatest main support players in China, he proved his heightened game sense and survivability time and time again. Some of his most noteworthy achievements include 2nd place at the OWL 2021 Countdown Cup and 2nd place at the OWL 2021 Summer Showdown, earning up to $140,000 from both.

9. SP9RK1E


Kim ‘SP9RK1E’ Yeong-han hails from South Korea and is a professional OW DPS player. Playing for the team Dallas Fuel, he is well-known for his consistency and raw talent. Young and skilled, he has a long road ahead of him and we can be certain he will reach greater heights as he gains more experience.

His most notable characters are Pharah, Echo, and Genji. Together with them, he won 1st place at the OWL 2022 Summer Showdown and 2nd place at the OWL 2022 Kickoff Clash.

8. Fearless


One of the tanks from team Dallas Fuel is Lee ‘Fearless’ Eui-Seok. This South Korean pro player is widely accepted as one of the best Tanks in the OWL. As proof, he has won 1st place at the OWL 2022 Summer Showdown and 2nd place at the OWL 2022 Kickoff Clash.

His go-tp picks are Winston, Reinhardt, and Wrecking Ball. His Winston, in particular, is considered to be God-tier as his game sense tends to far outmatch other Tank players. Needless to say, he has sufficient experience in doing what he does best!

7. Void


Placing 1st on the OWL 2021 Playoffs and OWL 2022 Summer Showdown, Kang ‘Void’ Jun-woo is a force to be reckoned with! This South Korean gamer plays as one of the tanks for the Shanghai Dragons and is infamous for his resounding tank plays.

Sigma, D.Va, and Zarya become absolute beasts in his hands and you cannot get tired of watching him do so. If you’re looking for a solid team player who can protect his supporters and make plays that tend to get overlooked, he’s the man for the job. His defense matrix blocks, body blocking, bopping enemies off the map, and peeling are ones for the OW books!



South Korean pro player Kim ‘FITS’ Dong-eun functions as one of team Seoul Dynasty’s DPS players. Placing at 2nd place at the OWL 2022 Summer Showdown and 1st place at the OWL 2022 Kickoff Clash, FITS is world famous for his Tracer, Sombra, and Widowmaker plays.

So what makes him such a respected and popular player in the OW pro scene? The answer lies in his consistency and ability to keep making solid plays. This makes him a stable and reliable DPS that can adapt to a variety of different situations and play styles.

5. Happy


A positive mindset can make such an impact in competitive gaming, so maybe Lee ‘Happy’ Jung-woo was onto something when he changed his IGN from ‘Vesta’. This South Korean pro OW player fulfills one of the DPS roles for the Los Angeles Gladiators team.

Happy is infamous for his intensive Tracer, Soldier, and Widowmaker gameplays, all of which are top-tier. His proficiency lies in his great adaptability to dynamic situations. For instance, if Tracer isn’t working as well as she should, he’ll just switch to a hitscan. This versatility and astounding game sense make him such a fantastic player who proved his worth at the OWL 2020 Asia Playoffs and the OWL 2020 Summer Showdown.

4. Carpe


As of OWL Season 5, Lee ‘Carpe’ Jae-hyeok is the one and the only player that started on and stayed with the same team since the Inaugural Season. This South Korean gamer plays a DPS role on the team Philadelphia Fusion. He won 2nd place at the OWL 2022 Kickoff Clash and 4th place at the Grand Finals of the OWL 2020 Playoffs.

Carpe is an extremely popular player who became the first to reach 4000 total final blows, proving to the world just how deadly he is. His Cassidy, Widowmaker, and Tracer gameplays are rife with impeccable aim and amazing game sense, making him one of the best OWL DPS players.

3. Twilight


Lee ‘Twilight’ Joo-Seok plays as one of the support players for team Toronto Defiant. He is an Ana player of the highest caliber, totally unafraid of risky plays. If you want proof, look no further than his 1st place mantle at the Grand Finals of the OWL 2020 Playoffs!

This South Korean pro is all about getting out there and scoring eliminations and grenades that will significantly turn the tables in battle. It’s rare for a Support who takes so much risk, and that’s part of his charm. A truly unique player, he excels at playing Zenyatta and Baptiste too.

2. Profit


The top 2 spots go to immortal Overwatch legends, like Park ‘Profit’ Joon-Yeong. Functioning as one of Seoul Dynasty’s DPS players, he hails from South Korea and affects the battlefield in irreversible ways.

One of the most recognizable OWL players, he made OW history when he flipped the bird to the camera!  His Tracer and Genji stunts are beyond just insane and leave us wondering how he actually pulled them off. There can be no doubt that he is one of the best DPS players in the entire league, as he continues to prove himself time and time again owing to his intense playstyles, flawless aim, and unshakable game sense. This is the 1st place winner of the OWL 2022 Kickoff Clash and the 2nd place victor of the OWL 2020 Playoffs Grand Finals!

1. Fleta


Last but not least, Kim ‘Fleta’ Byung-sun is our top pick for the best OW player in the world right now. Of course, this may be subjected to many changes after OW2’s official release, but the position is solid at the moment. This South Korean pro player performs as one of the DPS for team Shanghai Dragons. His skill is evident as he placed 1st place at the OWL 2021 Playoffs and 1st place at the OWL 2022 Summer Showdown.

Fleta is absolutely infamous as a monstrous OWL competitor, so much so that enemies fear his very presence. Onlookers cannot help but gawk at the way he smoothly moves across the battlefield, taking charge whenever he goes. His greatest strength is how he can adapt to any DPS hero, which makes him such a versatile and capable player. In recognition of his fantastic feats, he was awarded the OWL Most Valuable Player in 2020.

Thus concludes our Top 10 picks for the Best potential Overwatch 2 Players in the world right now. Many things can change after the OW2 official release and by the time the OW2 League comes up. Regardless, these gamers have solid chances of becoming the legends in the sequel game too, so let’s all just strap in and enjoy the show!