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Immotion Sets Out to Conquer the World with Virtual Reality Expansion


Virtual Reality (VR) is transforming the world as we know it. Having been initiated on an elementary promise of reshaping the reality just by putting on the goggles and getting lost in an alternate universe, the escapism behind the general idea of virtual reality has been mainly implemented in the world of gaming and entertainment.

The long-term impact of Virtual Reality is hard to put a finger on and a mere sneak peek into VR’s medical application is a scratch on the surface of the industry’s potential. Education, robotics, travel industry or even space exploration are standing in line to join the healthcare and specifically online gaming as a main VR beneficiary.

What was once an unimaginable prospect is shaping up to be a tangible reality that in 2018 is beginning to reach its tipping point, both in the gaming sector and on a more global scale. After years of research and development, Virtual Reality (VR) is knocking on the door of commercialism.

Driven by consumerism VR is heading towards the global stage with numbers to support the reasoning behind it for the less enthusiastic, Virtual Reality is here to stay. As reported by CCS Insight, with more than 24 million devices to be sold in 2018 alone, Virtual Reality (VR) has a potential to become a $4 billion-plus industry in just three years and gaming seems to be the first to embrace the potential.

In one of the latest market updates it has been reported that Immotion Group, as a team of world-class CGI experts set to reshape the creative aspect of our everyday life with use of state of the art motion platform technology, reached an agreement with Rank Group Plc which includes the introduction of its Virtual Reality (VR) machines in a number of company’s casino venues.

Rank Group will go forward with a new car racing simulator at Grosvenor Casino in Manchester while a wider implementation of the partnership deal will see a broader introduction across the United Kingdom, where Rank Group operates the total of 54 Grosvenor Casino sites. This deal is just another confirmation of how popular virtual reality casino games are becoming today and Immotion Group is making sure to grab its place at the forefront.

In addition to penning a Rank Group deal to enter the United Kingdom market, Immotion Group is setting foot in the Middle East with Al Hokair Group partnership. Al Hokair operates no less than 79 entertainment centres and 34 hotels in Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates and under the terms of this deal Immotion Group will open a VR Experience Centre in Abu Dabi before going into other locations as well.

New Experience Centres will also be added in the United Kingdom, with Immotion Group planning to take the entire number to 12. The centres will be based in Glasgow, Newcastle, Wembley Park, Swindon and Birmingham, all expected to be open before 2018 ends.

The global agenda behind the Immotion Group’s expansion plan has been already announced through the opening of the Experience Centre test site in Los Angeles, which is the company’s first foray into the United States market.

With new partnership in the UK and in the Middle East, Immotion Group is taking the entire number of VR installations from 105 to 191 which is an increase of 82%, which stands as a clear indicator of a growing trend hardly anyone will be able to stop.

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