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Amazon Loses $1 Trillion in Stock Value

The online retailer, which was one of the first to enter the exclusive $1 trillion valuation class, has reached a new, if less impressive, benchmark.


What’s new in PHP 8.1.11?

There is constant work done on PHP, and the most recent minor release (8.0) has several excellent bug fixes. Denial of service with a file

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Tips to Write Amazing PHP Code

Here are some tips I can provide you to help you become a better programmer and write more robust code. Are you interested in a

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Why Go Language Is Becoming So Popular?

Robert Griesemer, Rob Pike, and Ken Thompson created Go in 2007. Fifteen years later, it’s one of the most popular languages for computer programmers. Lots


The 4 Best Online Learning Platforms

Learning a new skill online may be challenging, but I’ll go through the four greatest platforms I’ve used and why you should give them a

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Top Commercially Successful Business Endeavors

The percentage of young company directors and start-up founders has risen sharply in recent years, paralleling the meteoric expansion of the e-commerce sector. Those venturing

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AI in Marketing

Content marketing, Digital marketing, affiliate marketing, and other forms of marketing are just some of the areas where AI is finding useful applications. But before

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The Best Marketing Books Ever

If no one is aware of your item’s presence, its quality is irrelevant. Use these seven best-sellers to organize your marketing strategy. What we call

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Phone Apps I Think Everyone Should Use

I’ve looked at a lot of applications, but most of the ones I found weren’t worth including here since they weren’t widely used. In this