The 4 Best Online Learning Platforms

Learning a new skill online may be challenging, but I’ll go through the four greatest platforms I’ve used and why you should give them a go if you’re up for the challenge.


Online Learning Platforms

There is a vast variety of topics covered on Udemy, but when I think of the site, I think of online and business training. There will be a video component to the lessons, much as on YouTube, and the teacher will provide narration or visuals to help you understand the content.

Udemy, in my view, is most useful for acquiring generalizable skills that can be used across other fields. The best courses tend to be of high quality, and it’s not hard to identify ones that others have rated highly. If you want to acquire a certain skill in a short amount of time, this is a great option since most courses provide information on how long will it require you to finish the course.


Online Learning Platforms

Coursera offers lessons from a number of the world’s top academic institutions and corporations. To mention just a few: Yale, Google, University College London, and IBM. They provide comprehensive degrees and diplomas that may be earned entirely online. If you’re trying to show off your newfound knowledge to prospective employers, linking your profile with Linkedin is a wonderful place to start. Their ability to provide you with training in in-demand fields is a major selling feature.

While some MOOCs may be finished in as little as a few hours, most on Coursera are intended to be spread out over a few months. Timeframes for completing quizzes do exist in many courses, however, missing them will not significantly impact your final score.



If you want to learn how to code in a new language, Codecademy is a fantastic resource. If you’re not the kind to learn best from a book, you’ll love their courses because of the hands-on approach they use to teaching coding.

Courses in certain languages, such as Python or Javascript, are one option, while others include pursuing a specific profession. Data scientists, for instance, need to be well-versed in NumPy, pandas, SQL, Python 3, matplotlib, and scikit-learn.

Codecademy’s outstanding feature is that it can be used entirely inside the web browser, meaning that no extra software nor adjustments to your computer’s settings are required to get started.


Online Learning Platforms

Even though it’s the more apparent choice, YouTube is a fantastic resource since you can literally find a video on any topic. Countless channels on YouTube exist for the sole purpose of providing tutorials on a certain skill or subject. Playlists are a great resource on YouTube since many videos there is really part of a larger series of lessons that may be taken independently.

The fact that YouTube is totally cost-free is a huge plus. Though commercial interruptions during video playback might be annoying, their absence means that you can view as many films as you want without spending a dime..