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How Artificial Intelligence Will Change The World Of Gaming


Artificial intelligence, or AI as it’s more commonly known, has been around in gaming for nearly 60 years. Back in 1949, Claude Shannon who was a prominent cryptographer and mathematician devised a single-player chess game where a human would take on the computer. Since then, artificial intelligence has come on leaps and bounds, very much like the gaming industry itself, and it looks set to change the world of gaming once again.

AI in the gaming industry can be split into two different sections. There is the artificial intelligence for the industry itself, while there is also AI for the actual gaming experience. When it comes to the gaming experience this includes things such as NPCs, otherwise known as non-player characters. This, in effect, includes all the characters in the game which the human isn’t controlling. The AI in this respect has improved dramatically over time, making games more challenging, and in some respects, making them more realistic.

Artificial intelligence is also essential when it comes to the gaming industry itself. It’s vital in the way that user data is collected and interpreted for example. What we often see nowadays is that games are downloaded, with updates and content continuously added at regular intervals, rather than just the game staying as it was on release. AI plays a role here because the data collected gives the company feedback on what players are enjoying, not enjoying and what needs fixing, leading to not only a better gaming experience but a more successful game too.

Another area of the gaming industry where artificial intelligence is having a major effect is in the online gambling sector. With online and mobile casinos being extremely popular nowadays, operators have turned their attention to providing players with more games that are powered by AI. It allows the characters used within the games to behave in more of a human-like way, bringing more realism to the online casino world. These types of games are slowly becoming the norm, as a spokesman for the global online casino brand Unibet confirmed they are seeing players favoring games with this type of technology, especially with new and younger audiences.

The technology has not only gone on to enhance slot games, for example, it’s also helped to make casino gaming fairer too. Previously, players playing video slots would be taking on the computer or an automated system. With this being replaced by AI it means that in effect, the players’ behavior and the decision’s that they are making can be understood and therefore the system will be able to determine whether someone is possibly cheating or playing the game unfairly.

We’re starting to see small steps being taken in the casino world to move away from games being solely based on luck, with skill-based games coming into play. By minimizing the role of luck in casino gaming, both online and land-based, it will make everything a lot fairer as well as more transparent, and artificial intelligence is key to this. This specific use of AI will also benefit video games too, helping to enhance the gaming experience even further.

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