The Ways That Technology is Improving Gaming

In 1943, the then-president of IBM, Thomas Watson, made a famously understated prediction about the vacuum-powered adding machine that required a separate building to house it.  His belief that “there is a world market for maybe five computers” may seem laughably pessimistic now, but at the time it seemed unfathomable that computers would ever even become household items.

Indeed, even as late as 1977, Ken Olsen famously said “There is no reason anyone would want a computer in their home.”, which may seem very short-sighted from the vantage point of the 21st century. However, the pace of technology has increased so spectacularly, that even the brightest minds on the cutting edge have been taken aback at how swiftly things have changed.

The combination of computer processing speeds increasing, the invention of the microchip and the massive evolutionary leap represented by the proliferation of the internet have had a huge impact on everything we do. Our daily lives, from train timetables to financial markets, all rely on regular and widespread access to the vast swathes of information available online.

Technology and entertainment

While the technological revolution has certainly made it easier to shop for groceries and find out when your bin will be collected, it has also had a huge impact on entertainment. Gone are the days of waiting for tapes to load on a PC or plugging a boxy console into a CRT television to battle monochrome blobs on the screen.

With today’s audiences enjoying almost everything on demand, it’s no surprise that computer gaming has grown as quickly and successfully as many other online entertainment options. The advances in graphics and sound have both made gaming a much more immersive experience, not to mention the incorporation of some of the more cutting-edge ideas into a variety of games.

However, there are some things that do not change, and the popularity of various games does come down largely to personal choice. Casino games have been popular for a long time, since the beginning of recorded history in one form or another, and the advent of online gaming hasn’t changed that.

Players that want to enjoy the excitement of games of chance without having to leave the comfort of their own homes can play all kinds of casino games online. Providers such as Virgin Games have contributed to casino gaming remaining a popular choice with both new and experienced players.

Top technological advances in gaming

Artificial Intelligence

When most people think of Artificial Intelligence, they imagine robots that have developed personalities (and usually gone rogue in the process). While this may be the Hollywood version of the technology, it overlooks some of the most interesting ways in which AI technology has been adapted to make online gaming more interesting.

In casino gaming, artificial intelligence can enhance the gaming experience in a variety of ways. While some of these are practical, such as customer service and account management, it can also help to improve the gaming experience for players that want to play games tailored specifically to their playing style.

While some gamers like their games to be fast-paced with plenty of action, others prefer a slow build to a big potential jackpot. Artificial intelligence can ‘read’ these different playing styles and adapt the gameplay to suit each individual player.

AI is also useful in detecting fraud and cheating as it can ‘learn’ players’ gaming patterns and identify any attempts to cheat. This, in turn, makes the gaming space safer for real players who don’t want to be at a disadvantage when playing.

Immersive technology

In the 1990s, gaming sites had the idea of offering ‘live’ games via video link to allow players to get the authentic casino experience from wherever they happened to be. While it took a couple of decades for the technology to catch up enough to make this a reality, further advances have made casino gaming even more realistic for players that appreciate that aspect of the games available.

Players that want to make the most of the recent boom in both augmented reality and virtual reality can play casino games as their chosen avatar, communicating through a headset and experiencing the games in real time. Live dealer games can be played through smartphones or tablets, but players can get as close to a real ‘live’ experience as possible, from wherever they happen to be.

Casinos are adopting this new technology to make their games more appealing to players, and the feedback so far has been largely positive. Technology can provide almost anything that can make it more exciting to be part of a game, whether that’s being able to see your opponents in a game of poker or hearing the distinctive sound of a roulette wheel clacking.

As developers adopt the latest technology into their game designs, players are benefiting in almost every way. The games available are more varied and have more options to make them customizable to suit each individual, and their online accounts are more secure as the risks of playing online are eliminated.

With technology advancing at such a rapid rate, gaming provides an opportunity to showcase some of the more impressive and exciting elements. For those that like to have their finger on the pulse, this means that they get the chance to test out the features of the future as soon as they become available.