What you need to know about in-game items in Dota 2

In recent years, it’s hard to imagine computer games without trading. After all, not every user will buy the game, if it is not possible to buy and sell a variety of skins and attributes. Dota2 is no exception to the rule. For about a decade, this project has been considered one of the most popular among the target audience. This is evidenced by the professional scene. After all, major tournaments such as the International, have a prize pool of millions of dollars. It is a good salary and the opportunity to write a name in history attracts the attention of young gamers.

Since high school, children spend hundreds of hours a month near the computer. Of course, only a few of them achieve real results, while others lose motivation and try their hand at other projects. For example, in the cult shooter Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

Returning to the topic of skins, in Dota2 developers offer a good choice. Prices, of course, vary greatly. You can find cheap options for a few cents, and exclusive items that will cost players hundreds of dollars.

Sell Dota 2 Item today through the Steam marketplace, or using third-party resources. The obvious advantage of such projects is that the money can be withdrawn later to the bank card or e-wallet. In this case, consider that the system takes a small commission from the players, namely about five percent. If we talk about interesting screenshots, the following options can be noted:

1. Muh Keen Gun

This item is definitely not suitable for beginners, because it has changed the animation of the bullet flight. It looks effective and therefore will look good in the inventory of a seasoned sniper. This item appeared back in 2014, but for more than eight years it has not lost its relevance to the target audience.

2. Crescent Bow

This update replaces the arrow flight animation. If in the classic form, it is barely visible, after the change of characteristics it becomes much more difficult to dodge the enemy.

3. Scorching Talon

A beautiful hook designed specifically for the Pudge. This is the hook most players are looking forward to. However, in spite of its visual appeal, there is an obvious disadvantage. They are the size. The hook is just huge, and therefore the hero can be seen much better, which makes him more vulnerable. Also, using this item, it is much more difficult to finish off creeps. It’s because of his hitbox.

4. Immortal Gardens

A striking landscape that catches the eye immediately. However, it sometimes gives some advantages to the enemies when choosing the passage through the forest.

5. The eminence of Ristul

This is the arcana for the Queen of Pain character. It has long been recognized as one of the best in the game. This is primarily due to the visual appeal of the skin. Also, it simplifies the gameplay, so in some moments the user only has to put his hands on the table. Using this harness, the player will be more comfortable standing in line because of the change in animation. Accordingly, using Eminence of Ristul, the player will find it much harder to miss opponents.

Many experienced players make significant profits from selling Dota2 in-game items. However, in order to achieve significant results, you need to analyze the price changes on a daily basis. After all, each attribute’s stats change daily. This may be influenced by the addition of new items, or the active use of a particular skin by a professional player. In general, the selling procedure is quite interesting. For example, if a player is bored with a particular item, he can sell it and buy a brighter and more attractive one instead. Modern games give a lot of opportunities to users, and they try to take advantage of them.

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