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MionixLabs NAOS QG Gaming Mouse

Mionixlabs made another style of gaming mouse that is furnished with a heart rate sensor together with galvanic skin reaction sensors, making it equipped for

xbox one

Microsoft Xbox One officially launched in india

Microsoft has officially launched the Xbox One , its latest generation gaming console in India. The Xbox One is being exclusively sold through and available in a couple of variants.

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Personal 3-D Theater by Sony

With the increase in quality of technology, graphic features have also enhanced. 2-D is highly over-rated when we have the 3-D viewing just outside the

Best Games to Play on Facebook

5 Best Games to Play on Facebook

Generally, people find Facebook games spammy mechanics where they have to ask friends for more lives or energy to keep playing to be vile. A

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10 Best Android Games to Play Today

The Gaming industry for android users is increasing day by day so here are the best games you should be playing this month. 10 Best

Respawn entertainment Titanfall review

Respawn Entertainment , a company made up of people from the team behind the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare games, Infinity Ward released their first game