Personal 3-D Theater by Sony

With the increase in quality of technology, graphic features have also enhanced. 2-D is highly over-rated when we have the 3-D viewing just outside the door. Many television company’s claim to have launched 3-D televisions but they provide the third dimensional viewing satisfaction to a minimum with surrounding disturbances. After years of prototyping, Sony has successfully emerged as a pioneer in bringing the 3-D world in hands. Sony’s HMZ-T1 Personal 3D Viewer that’s capable of projecting a virtual 150-inch screen in a pair of goggles is the stuff of every nerd’s wildest dreams. The Personal 3D Viewer immerses you in your games and movies. OLED screens with a 45° field of vision and surround sound create an extraordinary sensory experience. Games and movies appear better than on TV thanks to fast response OLED screens. Each high resolution screen displays 720p of rich color and sharp detail. The design of these goggles is so perfect that it does not allow external interference in viewing. We tip our hat towards those futuristic concept 3D head mounted glasses. We tip our hat towards those futuristic concept 3D head mounted glasses. These aren’t glasses for watching 3D on your television, but rather 3D directly displayed within. Think of it as your own personal theater.

Personal 3-D Theater by Sony

A product promising such features is definitely going to be hard on pocket but it is hardly going to stop tech-fanatics to have them. We don’t blame you for thinking that way. In reality, there’s a couple of considerations that make this product seem completely impractical, such as comfort, price, and so on. They’ll be launched in Japan this November for 60,000 yen (~$779 USD), which is expensive, but these goggles are a step forward to total sensory immersion. It would be quite ruthless to call the price put up for this gadget as irrational after learning its specifications. According to Sony, these glasses are a 3D “cinematic experience” with integrated surround sound. With a built in OLED screen and a 1280×720 resolution, it means these concept glasses ooze quality. Sure, it’s not 1080p, but these glasses are just an early concept and the potential is certainly there. The color reproduction is very high, thanks in part to OLED’s 24-bit RGB spectrum. The fast response time of the OLEDs make the picture bright and colorful, and thankfully the blacks are truly black. Since there is a distinct image per eye, so these goggles have no problem handling 3D content either. The best way to use them is to link them to one of Sony’s new Full HD camcorders.

The design is a reminder of Sony style and innovation from years ago when the company experimented. The glossy shell exterior is truly stunning, and is complimented by soft blue LED lighting on the front and near the built-in headphones with an illuminated logo on each side. These goggles not only bring you the futuristic effect that we have been witnessing in science fiction movies, but it also looks exactly the same with its marvelous design.

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