5 Best Games to Play on Facebook

Generally, people find Facebook games spammy mechanics where they have to ask friends for more lives or energy to keep playing to be vile. A game is something that is supposed to be fun, and we have a hard time seeing how not being able to play because you ran out of energy is fun for anyone.

As much as most Facebook games suck, there are some exceptions that are actually quite decent. If you want to get into some Facebook gaming with some experiences that are not utter piles of garbage, this list of games should be perfect for you.

1.Dragon Age: Legends

Dragon Age: Legends

Dragon Age is console RPGs, and the Facebook game actually works quite well. It is not as good as the full game but it is a very fun turn-based RPG that you can play right from your favorite social network.

This game has been around since the release of Dragon Age II, and it’s still worth going back to. The combat is fun, and it can actually be quite difficult at times. Dragon Age is Facebook game that actually requires some skill and strategy.

2. Robot Rising

Robot Rising

This game might just change your perception of what should and should not be in a browser game. There is no passive nonsense in this game; it’s an action RPG to its very core. In fact, you might even call it Diablo in a sci-fi setting. And to top it off, it’s free on Facebook. If that’s not a recipe for a good thing, I just don’t know what is.

Seriously, if you like RPGs at all, you should give this one a go. When your friends make fun of you for playing a Facebook game, just have them take a look at it for themselves, and I can guarantee you, their perception of just what makes a Facebook game might change forever.

3. Marvel: Avengers Alliance

This is another turn-based RPG, but this time, it features beloved heroes from the Marvel universe. Yes, this game does have an annoying energy mechanic, but I give it a pass, because the actual combat is more active than games like Mafia Wars.

The game even comes with a barebones story attached, so it gives you more reason to keep coming back besides just earning new stuff.Its a game you can play free right in your browser on Facebook, it’s really hard to complain. For anyone who loves Marvel and its crazy cast of superheroes, this is a game you should give a whirl.

4. Robot Unicorn Attack: Evolution

This is an incredibly weird game, and it’s nothing like the Facebook games you are used to. It’s a bright, colorful, and strange game that, in many was, feels more like some kind of odd Internet meme than an actual game.

This is a game that is all about having a good time with the silliness. While at its core, it’s an endless runner, the weirdness factor makes it feel like something more. The new evolving mechanics introduced in the sequel go a long way towards making this feel like a more complete game. What’s even better, it’s a game you won’t feel embarrassed to let your Facebook friends know you’ve been playing.

5. PixelJunk Monsters Online

You can’t talk about browser games without some sort of tower defense game sneaking in. However, PixelJunk Monsters Online does plenty different from the standard tower defense nonsense that makes it actually worth a look.

While most tower defense games see you controlling some offscreen omnipotent being, in this game your character is right in the action. This changes up the way the game is played substantially, and it makes things more challenging and fun. You have to walk a delicate line between collecting coins from enemies, dancing to upgrade your towers, and placing new ones. Essentially, this is a defense game that takes some skill, which is hardly something I would expect from a game on Facebook.
Wrap Off

If you think all Facebook games are bad, think again. While playing the above games, you might just forget that you are playing them on a social network at all. If more developers made games like these, Facebook games might not be at the receiving end of so many jokes and so much criticism from the gaming community at large