bird of prey bike

Bird of Prey streamlined bike

With regards to bikes with distinctive sorts of seating positions, everybody is acquainted with uprights and recumbents. There is, on the other hand, a lesser-known

prosthetic hand

Fake skin soon to provide sense of touch!

Modern prosthesis are stunning, yet they need one imperative component: a feeling of touch. Presently an exploration group from Stanford University has created fake skin

egroov wd scooter

eGroov bike for every terrain

On the off chance that you needed a car to roll over sand, soil and additionally asphalt, you’d presumably begin and end your inquiry at

wunderkind modular programmable robot toy

LEGO type robot for 5 year olds!

Minecraft has incompletely supplanted Lego blocks as an imaginative stage for youthful tinkerers, however while it is a fabulous road for preparing PC and square

nervous system x

Self- healing body, DARPA’s next target!

DARPA is analyzing wellbeing on a nanoscale through its electrical medicines (ElectRx) program. The human body clearly has a stunning ability to right issues in

microsoft Band

Microsoft Band 2 redesigned!

Microsoft’s new band, called “Microsoft Band,” looks a great deal like the last band. Be that as it may, refined. It’s still all dark and