Beware PC assassin USB killer v2.0!

The exact opposite thing you ever need to do is unite an arbitrary drive you’ve found to your PC’s USB port. In any case, a security specialist who passes by the moniker ‘Dull Purple’ has made a significantly more perilous USB killer v2.0 drive that can physically crush your PC not simply taint its drives.

The USB executioner v2.0 highlights a DC-to-DC converter that charges an arrangement of capacitors covered up inside once it’s been connected to a USB port. That vitality is then diverted over into the gadget as a 220-volt electric surge, over and over, until the equipment totally fizzles.

The harmless USB drive can possibly obliterate a PC’s USB port, as well as the motherboard it’s joined to, and even the machine’s processor and other associated segments. In this video an old IBM ThinkPad scarcely endures two or three seconds after the death drive was connected to it, keeping in mind the hard drive and all the information on it survived, its motherboard had to  be supplanted.

Be that as it may, since the USB executioner v2.0 isn’t dependent on the effective establishment of a trojan or infection to bring on any harm, it can really be utilized to pulverize more than just PCs. Any gadget with a USB port, which is practically everything nowadays, is helpless to harm from the flash drive.

So pushing ahead, on the off chance that you ever happen to locate an arbitrary USB drive, it’s a smart thought to not even lift it up, or even look toward its. Who comprehends what shades of malice it may be prepared to do.