YouTube Now Allows Us to Gift Paid Subscriptions

Emerging revenue options on YouTube have delighted numerous video creators as well as social media celebrities. YouTube will start rolling out a pilot program for gifting memberships to certain streams. Followers and producers would be able to give one another premium channel memberships with this new feature. The memberships given to Twitch, YouTube Gaming’s major rival, have been a component of it.

Several streamers view this as a simple method to make money and increase their fanbase at the very same time. Even though it was long overdue, this highly-anticipated function has finally arrived on YouTube. However, as reported by media outlets, YouTube Japan investigated the option of gifting subscriptions early this year for a small multitude of channels. It would be accessible to every YouTube Gaming customer in the United States and the United Kingdom.

YouTube Membership Roadmap is Clear For Upcoming Months


As of right now, only a “limited set of authors” would be allowed to take advantage of the subscription-giving beta, however, that number will grow “over the coming few quarters.” An application form is provided by the service for channels who want to experiment with the new functionality, however, you’ll require to meet a series of criteria before you’ll be considered.

Users utilizing desktop browser windows will be the first to be able to give as gifts. For the complete introduction of the functionality, YouTube hopes to enable smartphone gifting subscription purchases. Users would also need to sign in to be allowed to get given subscriptions on a channel in order to avoid abuse. Subscriptions that have been granted would be shown in the conversation. Activating the gift feature requires clicking a hyperlink and then a switch.

Subscription Gifting allows users of a YouTube Channel to acquire a predetermined amount of channel subscriptions [5, 10, 20] that the service will “give” out to other spectators on your live broadcast, as explained by YouTube. YouTube has introduced a new incentive for those who get a gifting subscription: a month of admission to your channel’s membership privileges, including loyalty medals, personalized emoticons, and more. Furthermore, there are no fees for individuals who get a subscription as a present. Each time a customer buys anything from you, you get your regular part of the profit.

YouTube Gaming To Rollout New Feature This Year


In addition to Live Redirects, which let broadcasters push viewers to alternative streams or launches, YouTube Gaming debuted a variety of additional Twitch-like services this year. According to Engadget, the average monthly subscription price for a YouTube channel is $4.99. As a subscriber, they will be able to view special clips created by their favorite artists. Twitch is still the most popular live streaming service in the United States. Nevertheless, a handful of its well-known broadcasters have left for YouTube Gaming in the last several years.

Speculation is rife that more will join. Amazon-owned Twitch has announced a new marketing strategy in which Twitch sponsors would get a lesser share of membership income, down from 70 percent, according to Bloomberg.