School Girl Invented a Way to Control a Computer with Your Tongue

A Schoolgirl from Canada, Emma Mogus has invented an innovative input device that can control a mouse using the language. It will allow people with disabilities and people with hand injuries to use the computer.

According to the University of Alabama, there are now more than 250 million Americans have a serious spinal cord injury. An estimated 118 thousand of them are paralyzed arms and legs. Using a computer for these people is a big problem.

The inventors have repeatedly tried to help the disabled, offering solutions for computer control using brain waves and eye movements. However, Emma Mogus has developed a simple and convenient way to replace the mouse – to use human language instead of his hands.

Emma is only 17 years old, she is studying in 12 class of high school in Oakville. His invention is shown May 12 at the International Science and Engineering Fair Intel. In addition to Emma in the fair was attended by more than 1,750 school and university students from 75 countries.

She has produced a prototype of his invention of the simple elements. The main part of the device is a cap, similar to those that use football players and other athletes. Emma doghouse drilled in five holes (two on the left, two on the right and one to the front), to each of which can easily reach language. Each hole Emma cemented a pressure-sensitive switch.

The four switches correspond to the buttons “up”, “down”, “left”, “right” on the computer keyboard. The fifth switch is connected with a function similar to the click of the mouse. All parts of the device together cost less than 10 dollars.

Prototype Emma sends a signal to the computer via a cable. But the next version of the device, as the promises she will be able to transmit signals over the wireless network.

Volunteers with disabilities who participated in the trials of the device, only two classes were able to double their usual typing speed.

Emma said that her invention may be useful not only for people with spinal cord injuries but also for those who suffer from multiple sclerosis and other diseases that cause paralysis of the limbs.

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