Flying Car crashes during test drive

Promised for 2017, the flying car of Aeromobil company crashed during a test carried out this Friday, fortunately without causing any casualties.

During a test flight, the co-founder of the company Stefan Klein “encountered an unexpected situation” on its prototype tells the press release, but the pilot was able to “activate the parachute at an altitude about 300 meters. ”

“We are still analyzing the data from the incident.”

Stefan Vadocz told Popular Science.

Despite the safety device, Klein could not avoid crashing, but the limited speed allowed to get out completely unscathed , which is not the case Vehicle damaged at the front, on the left-wing and a rear dock ripped. With a positive tone, Aeromobil emphasizes that “the data and experience of this test flight will be scrupulously analyzed, the results being reused for research and development, and improving the prototype.”

According to company, the Aeromobil 3.0 will be equipped with a Rotax 912 engine, two-seater in a carbon body around a steel structure, retractable wings, with a length of 6 meters wide by 2.24 m and a wingspan 8 meters totally wings.

The flying car is now capable of running at over 160 km/h on roads and more than 200 km/h in the air for a range of about 875 km and 700 km when running in flight mode.

The company insisted that the crash won’t hold them back—the test flight was part of a “rigorous analysis and testing program… It is necessary to test the prototype in every way possible to establish its limits and to improve on them.” AeroMobil can learn from the loss of this prototype and use that information to make the next one even better.