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Love to express my experience and review regarding gaming, coding, crypto #tech
facebook fake accounts

How to identify a Fake Website on the World Wide Web?

Nowadays the internet is full of fraud. We see a lot of news about online frauds, hacks, data breaches, identity impersonation, identity thefts, etc....
samsung galaxy fold

Samsung Galaxy Fold is Finally here with 6 Cameras

Here, finally, it comes. Everyone was waiting for the new release from Samsung, on Wednesday in the unpacking event held in San Francisco, Samsung...
Best python courses for beginners

10 Best Python Courses For Programmers and Developers

Anyone who is in the IT industry must have noticed the hype that Python programming has gained in recent years. It is obvious because...
Best books for artificial intelligence

Five Best Books to Learn about Artificial Intelligence

If you are looking for some great books to learn and understand Artificial Intelligence then you have come to the right place. Artificial Intelligence...

JP Morgan Launching its Own Cryptocurrency ‘JPM Coin’

A big piece of news is coming from the largest bank in the United States, JP Morgan is about to launch its own cryptocurrency named...
Python programming

Best Python Tools For Machine Learning And Data Science

Python programming language has huge libraries and frameworks to facilitate coding and save development time. It is famed for its simplicity, easily readable code, and...
stop isp selling your data

What is Encryption in Cryptography? How does it work?

What is Encryption? Encryption is the process of making plaintext or any other form of data, which is in a readable form to non-readable form. Basically,...

What is the difference between a CPU and GPU?

Hi, are you confused about the term CPU and GPU? Don't worry! here I will give you a deep insight. We know that almost...
data science

Important Tools For Data Science (Other than SQL, Python and R)

Anyone who is in the field of Data Science will suggest you to learn SQL, Python, R or Maths to thrive in this field....
pc gaming HDD or SSD

HDD or SSD: What should you prefer for Gaming?

HDD or SSD for Gaming? This becomes quite confusing for most people to make a selection between an HDD and SSD while building their pc....
IBM to buy red hat

IBM to buy Red Hat Linux for $34 Billion! But why?

  Here is the big news coming out of Tech Industry, IBM (International Business Machines), one of the oldest technology companies in operation is about...
android apps for hackers

15 Best Android Apps and tools For Hackers in 2018

Are you searching for some cool hacking apps for your Android device? It looks like you are in a right place but before getting...

Fortnite is now playable on every compatible Android Device

It is well known to everyone how widespread Fortnite is among game lovers. Epic Games announced in a blog post in June that the...

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