Can tech review sites be trusted in 2024?

Whether any review site is 100% legitimate and trustworthy is a question in many industries. To question the motives or incentives of any review site should be one of the first critiques you make before you take their word or opinion as gospel. Perhaps an even more significant issue is the volume of online review sites and knowing which ones you can trust. However, you can use certain elements and criteria to distinguish review sites that have a better design and model than their competition. Below, we explore the things you should look for that can highlight just how trustworthy a tech review site is.

The state of the industry in 2024

Big companies in the industry can fund some review site companies to give off the perception of a top-rated service, so it’s important to ensure you find a reliable source. For instance, casino review sites are some of the most popular you can find online, and not all can be considered trustworthy. The first thing to watch out for is a site with hundreds and hundreds of casino reviews, as they could potentially be sponsored. You want to look for a site that chooses only a handful for each category they review, as this is usually a sign that the reviews are more genuine.

A site such as is an excellent example of a reliable review site that explores and accurately reviews dozens of different casinos within the industry.

Across the spectrum, tech review sites are the same. It’s always good to remember that review sites are an organic and indirect way of advertising a service. While you don’t want a site that promotes hundreds of different companies, you want to ensure there are various reviews and they aren’t hyper-focused on one company or business. This is also a likely sign that a site is sponsored.

Other key variables

While it would be time-consuming and rather pointless to enter some sort of inception-like rabbit hole of tech review sites, those in the industry will often be able to give you an idea of which sites to look for and which ones to avoid. Professionals and experts often hold the most weight in any industry, and the tech industry is no different.

This is true regardless of their level in the industry, from phone repair companies right to the multitrillion-dollar behemoth of Apple, who recently had to pass the title of the world’s biggest tech company back over to Microsoft, albeit briefly. Finding a balance is vital, but if you do take a bit of time to see which review sites experts are keen on or often cite as a reference, then this is another way to find a trustworthy review site.

Some tech experts and analysts believe that the length of time a review site has been online is also an excellent variable to use when making your decision. However, this isn’t a universal opinion. Some sites can crop up from nowhere and have a fresh angle, better reviewers or more detailed, balanced arguments that provide a better point of view.

More trustworthy review sites will often have profiles of their reviewers, and they’ll be linked to their social media profiles, whether they’re on X or LinkedIn. Although not all review sites will have this as it can result in cybercriminals potentially gaining critical information which can lead to identity theft, just a brief profile and visible review bio is often enough to add an extra layer of legitimacy and visibility to a review site.

Key things to remember

Even if you use tech review sites often to build a picture of a product or new piece of technology on the market, it’s a good idea not to take their word as an acknowledgment of truth but rather as an opinion.

Ultimately, they should be used as a guide and not as a deciding factor about whether you’re going to buy a product. By all means, use them for this purpose, as this is essentially the whole purpose of the design. However, remember that there’s personal bias, potential product placement and other things to factor in — such as your opinion.

If you’re a big fan of Android and you’re looking to switch to iOS, use tech review sites to guide you, but speak to friends and family who can give you their opinions or pros and cons. Tech review sites often won’t have the day-to-day experience with the products that they are reviewing. They may have them for only a day or two while they conduct their review, so it’s vital to seek out further opinions if you’re purchasing an expensive tech product that you might have in your daily possession for the next two or three years.


We aren’t sitting on the fence with this one, but it is an ambiguous question that depends on the service. Some excellent tech review sites try to keep their reviews as fair and subjective as possible, while others are best avoided if you want an unbiased opinion.

There are hundreds of tech review sites out there, and each year, more appear online; this market saturation can make it difficult to distinguish between the quality and the average or below-average ones, but it is also a trial-and-error process. In 2024, with more tech review sites online than ever before, so long as you take in some of the points we have addressed today, you can benefit from their use.