Amazon Warehouse Are Getting Scrutinized by Osha and Prosecutors

Amazon facilities have a well-deserved reputation for being unsafe and miserable environments to operate. As part of a legal probe into allegations of dangerous working circumstances, the Dept of Labor and federal authorities in New York have begun investigating the firm’s facilities around the nation. As per a declaration on the town’s webpage, the United States Attorney general’s Office for the Southern District of New York is going to investigate worksite security and associated issues at Amazon storehouses, such as harm caused by worksite dangers, employee percentage prerequisites, the workload, or if Amazon adequately disclosed on-the-job bumps and bruises.

Biase said that the SDNY’s Litigation Department is looking into allegations of deception aimed at concealing accidents from OSHA and several at Amazon facilities around the nation. The media outlet’s attempt for a response from the office went unanswered for some time. A spokesman for Amazon, Kelly Nantel, told the media in an interview that the company would fully comply with OSHA’s inquiry and that the agency will eventually find that the allegations were unjustified.

New York, Illinois, and Florida in Crosshairs


The US Attorney for the Southern District of New York referred multiple alleged security and hygiene breaches at Amazon locations to OSHA for investigation. Recommendations from the federal government, police enforcement, activist organizations, and others are common occurrences for us. OSHA has begun investigations at Amazon facilities in New York, Illinois, and Florida in response to the complaints. We are still reluctant to share any details at this moment due to the ongoing nature of the inquiries.

Existing and previous warehousing employees, as well as anybody else with pertinent data, are being asked to provide statements to the Southern District of New York as a component of the continuing probe. The agency requests that anybody with knowledge of Amazon security concerns post it on the Department of Justice’s webpage.

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There have been previous employment inquiries and litigation fights involving Amazon facilities, often known as fulfillment centers. The Washington State Dept of Labor and Commerce concluded in April that the corporation was intentionally endangering the lives of its employees in a facility in Kent. For the biggest internet seller in the United States, a penalty of $60,000 is not little in light of the verdict. For violating covid-19 health regulations, New York’s Attorney General filed a lawsuit against Amazon last year.

Huffington Post employment writer Dave Jamieson tweeted this week that OSHA is probing an employee fatality at the firm’s EWR9 facility in Carteret, NJ last week amid the corporation’s two Prime Day blowout sales, apart from the multi-state examination.