Instagram will now ask some users to submit video selfies for verification

Creating several Instagram accounts may no longer be as simple as it used to be. Users who attempt to sign in to the social networking app without appropriate identification will have a more difficult time completing the procedure.

It has been claimed that Instagram would require certain users to provide video selfies showing their faces from several angles to authenticate that they are actual individuals, rather than bots. In addition, the article suggests that not everyone would be subjected to this stringent sign-in procedure. It’s possible that it’s simply targeting questionable accounts.

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“Instagram is currently utilising video selfies to check users’ identities,” writes social media strategist Matt Navara, who has released images of the new feature on his blog. Biometric data will not be collected by Meta, as previously stated.” Instagram appears to be requesting users to shoot a video selfie in the screenshots. A brief video of you tilting your head in various directions is required. We can use this information to verify that you are a genuine person and to validate your identity,” said the Instagram message.

According to XDA Developers, Instagram was discovered testing the features last year but could not send them out due to technical difficulties at the time. The feature, on the other hand, is not in the process of being implemented. More than a few people from around the world have stated that they were requested to upload a video in order to validate their current accounts.

Another Twitter user, who goes under the handle Bettinamak, shared a snapshot of Instagram, in which she was asked to submit a video verification for it. Users are reportedly instructed to aim the cameras in the direction of their faces and follow the directions in order to obtain a comprehensive picture of their features. In addition, a message scribbled at the bottom of the screenshot states that “the video will never be viewable on Instagram and will be destroyed within 30 days.” This will not make use of facial recognition technology or gather biometric information.”

While you may find it inconvenient to shoot a video selfie, it is really a positive step by the social media business to track down creeps and trolls on the platform. Some people create many identities only for the purpose of posting venomous comments under the postings of celebrities and influencers on social media. With the current modifications taking effect, it may be more difficult to create numerous accounts in the future. Due to the fact that Instagram will only allow you to establish an account, if your video has been validated by the firm, the idea of nameless, faceless trolls will be eliminated.

Although Instagram has not yet officially announced the new sign-in mechanism, it can be inferred from screenshots that the firm has already pushed out a video selfie system to a large number of users.