iOS 15 is bringing cross-app drag and drop feature to iPhones

When iPhone owners upgrade their smartphones to iOS 15, they will be greeted with a bevvy of cutting-edge innovations from the house of Apple. It is intended that the new iOS features would improve both the looks and the operation of iPhones.

In addition to the latter, iOS 15 has an intriguing new feature that has the potential to permanently alter the way you copy words and photos on your iPhone.

One of the primary reasons that computers will always be far more productive than smartphones is the smooth inter-app operability that PCs provide. Simply pick up an item from one area and drop it off at another location to complete the task.

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This is true for text, photos, and every other type of file you can think of, as well. Now, iPhone users will be able to make use of nearly the same functionality thanks to iOS 15.

This is due to the fact that iOS 15 includes a significant improvement to the drag and drop functionality. iPhone users may now drag and drop photos, text, and files from one app to another, according to a new feature introduced recently. Previously, this could only be done within a single application.

Because of this, the new iOS 15 function will be useful for a wide range of activities, as may be imagined. Making an attachment to your email, for example, will now be as simple and painless as possible.

Simply drag the file from its folder and drop it onto the email that you are now creating to complete the process. It will be added immediately and without the need to choose it from any menus at all. In the same way that you do things on your computer.

This functionality is even more significant for phones because repeating similar actions on them frequently entails going through the entire process all over again.

In the example above, attaching another image to a letter would normally entail going through the library all over again to find the image and attaching it. All of this can be completed in a matter of seconds thanks to the enhanced drag and drop functionality.

The new drag and drop functionality, on the other hand, functions just as it did previously. When transferring objects from one app to another, there is only one more step to do. Please keep in mind that you will need to use another finger on your iPhone for this additional step.

Following the same steps as previously, choose the picture (or text) that you wish to copy and paste in a different spot. Now hold your pick in place so that it begins to float beneath your finger, ready to be duplicated. Then, using another finger, swipe up from the bottom of the screen to bring up the applications that have already been launched.

Select the app that you wish to copy the items to by selecting it with the same finger as before. Once the app is launched, just drag the items into the app area and release the pressure on the finger that was keeping them in place. The procedure is the same as it is on computers, with the exception that you will be using your finger touch instead of a mouse click.

It is important to note that you must have both applications open on your iPhone in order to use the drag and drop capability across apps.

The fact that it works for words, photos, and files in addition to files is a significant benefit for iPhone users, and it may make things substantially easier for them.

In the event that you need to move numerous photographs, simply select them all in your folder, then drag them to the desired location with your mouse. It’s a piece of cake!