This Apple Cloth costs around $19 (Rs.1900 in India)

You don’t just purchase an iPhone when you go out and buy one. You can also get a protective case and tempered glass for it, and if you want to customize your iPhone even further, you can buy even more iPhone accessories. That’s OK, but allow me to ask you a common yet unusual question. When was the last time you thought about purchasing a cleaning cloth for your Apple devices? Of course, at one of their meetings, Apple’s product managers undoubtedly raised the same question. Thus, for Rs 1,900, you can get an Apple-branded cleaning cloth from the company’s web store.

According to the business, its consumers may now clean their Apple devices’ screens and nano-texture glass without worrying about leaving smudges or scratches behind. It has a posh sound, and that’s because it is. It costs Rs 1,900 to purchase an apple cleaning cloth.

Compared to other cleaning supplies, microfiber cloths are quite affordable. A high-quality fabric would set you back between Rs 200 and Rs 300. The Apple cloth, on the other hand, is a bit pricey, coming in at Rs 1,900. Apple explains that this is due to the fact that it is unique.

The Polishing Cloth, according to the Apple Store, is “crafted with soft, non-abrasive material” and “safely and effectively cleans any Apple display, even nano-texture glass. ” What is nano-texture glass, and how does it function? This is a unique finish that can be seen on Apple’s pricey iMac computers and on the company’s external monitor. And yes, it’s easily scratched. So, this Polishing Cloth is appropriate for the job. Nano-texture glass Pro Display XDR costs Rs 529,900 in India. Adding a cleaning cloth for Rs 1,900 is not a huge issue (though ideally, the cloth should be free). It makes sense, but only just.

Spending Rs 1,900 appears to be a waste of money. As soon as Apple unveiled the Polishing Cloth, customers and Apple enthusiasts alike took notice. Whether or not it bears the Apple brand, Rs 1,900 for a cleaning cloth is a lot of money.

The general consensus on social media was that even if the Polishing Cloth is what appears to be a fantastic cleaning cloth it should be included free of charge with Apple’s pricey MacBook, iMac, and iPhone models.

For Apple, this isn’t the first time they’ve considered making something so simple but effective. Or at a ludicrously high cost. A special “dry polishing cloth” included when Apple first introduced its Pro Display XDR was recommended for cleaning the device’s screen.

Nevertheless, the cloth for polishing was included in the monitor’s delivery package. The strangest and most Apple-like additions are the astronomically costly stand for the Pro Display XDR and the tower-shaped Mac Pro’s matching wheels.