Instagram might not be coming out with an iPad app anytime soon

Instagram, the enormously popular photo and video-sharing social networking site, does not yet have an iPad-compatible app, despite its widespread popularity. Approximately $1 billion was spent by Facebook Inc. in 2012 to buy the Instagram app.

This concern about the lack of an Instagram app for the iPad was answered by Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri at a Q&A session this past weekend. Users’ simple inquiry, “Where is the Instagram iPad app?” was answered. The following is Mosseri’s response: “I spent some time on an iPad because I was on a flight, but there is still no Instagram app for the iPad.” It would be wonderful to do, but there is a lot to accomplish and only a limited number of people, so it hasn’t been prioritized.

Interestingly, Adam Mosseri stated in a similar Question and Answer session held in February 2020 that the topic of an official iPad app for Instagram was brought up, and Mosseri responded by saying essentially the same thing, “We would like to build an iPad app” for Instagram, among other topics of discussion. However, we only have a limited number of people and a large amount of work to accomplish, and it hasn’t emerged as the next best thing to do yet.” You may also be interested to know about Snapchat’s Birthday Mini feature

In this context, it’s crucial to remember that while it is theoretically possible to see and use Instagram on iPad in a variety of ways, including through browsers, the business has never published a first-party iPad app that has been optimized for tablet use.

Similarly, Instagram is developing a Favorites feature for its iOS app, which will be released later this year. Users will be able to assign a priority to accounts, which will cause them to show higher up in the feed, increasing the likelihood that they will be viewed.

Instagram’s CEO, Adam Mosseri, revealed how the social media platform presently ranks its feed and stories. First and foremost, it takes into account the most recent postings made by people you follow. When it comes to ranking content, it considers factors such as how popular a post was and what format it was in; how many times you interacted with the person who posted it in recent days or weeks; how many posts you have liked on Instagram; and your previous interactions with that person, among other things. With the addition of favorites, the feed ranking would change.

Instagram is presently implementing a number of significant improvements as it attempts to transition from being just a photo-sharing site to becoming a multimedia social network more akin to what TikTok provides. Furthermore, Instagram is requesting users’ dates of birth in preparation for the implementation of further kid safety measures.

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