Snapchat has introduced a Birthday Mini feature that will remind users of their friends’ birthday

Snapchat: Facebook has been criticized for its broken privacy rules, but the social media giant does notify users of their friends’ birthdays, which is a welcome relief to many users.

People who are prone to forgetting birthdays will be informed of the anniversaries of the birthdays of others on their friends’ lists by way of smartphone alerts.

Snapchat users will now be reminded of their friends’ birthdays as well, according to an update. The photo-sharing app has introduced a new feature called Birthdays Mini, which allows users to keep track of the birthdays of their friends. Users can select whether or not to view birthdays by changing the settings according to the date or according to their zodiac sign.

Snap Minis were introduced to the public last year. They are streamlined versions of third-party applications that are accessible through Snap’s Chat area.

These applications, which are developed using HTML, are intended to increase user engagement by allowing them to conduct a variety of extra tasks without having to leave the Snap app. They are currently in beta testing.

Snapchat will only display the birthdays of individuals who have explicitly stated that they are doing so on their accounts. Those that celebrate their birthdays will be mentioned in the Birthdays Mini list, with no indication of when they were born or how old they were at the time.

Users may also customize their app settings to display hidden in the app, which will prevent individuals on their friend list from viewing them, as well as their birthdays if they want to do so.

The company said in a statement that it introduced Birthdays Mini to make it more fun and simple to remember and celebrate the birthdays of your Snapchat friends. “You can receive customized greetings and birthday messages from your friends – all inside of Snapchat,” Snapchat said in the statement.

Users of both Android and iOS devices may make use of the Birthdays Mini feature.

Snapchat will display the name of the person whose birthday is closest to yours. Alternatively, the functionality may be accessible using the app’s search bar. Until now, Snapchat would display an emoji on a user’s feed to signify that a buddy was celebrating their birthday

. Additionally, users may earn unique themed lenses that they can then share with their friends as part of the Birthday Mini feature. Users may utilize these lenses in their stories to observe which other users are swiping up to join the mini-game.