WhatsApp will now let users listen to their voice messages before sending them

The audio or voice messaging feature on WhatsApp may receive some enhancements in the future.

Users will be able to listen to their voice messages before sending them if rumors are to be believed. Furthermore, while you are recording your messages, WhatsApp will display waveforms on the screen in the background. Testers of the new features may presently access them on their Android and iOS devices through beta testing.

Previously, WhatsApp had made it possible to enhance the pace at which voice communications may be sent. You may also be interested in the top 10 Best WhatsApp Tricks and Features.

According to a report from Wabetainfo, WhatsApp is rolling out two new features or enhancements for audio messaging soon. Voice waveforms are being sent out to beta testers on Android and iOS devices, according to the messaging app. This implies that while users are recording a voice message, they will be able to view waveforms. The real-time waveforms have been joined by a new stop button, which is available on WhatsApp. Users have the option to pause their recording in the middle and listen to it before sending it to the server.

“WhatsApp has launched two new features. The first one displays real-time voice waveforms as well as the option to pause the recording of the recorded voice message.”

In addition, the report states that the option to listen to a recorded voice message before sending it is a second feature. Adding a stop button to WhatsApp will make it easy for users to pause the recording in the middle of a message and record it again if they need to. Additionally, there is a delete option, which allows you to instantly remove your recording if you don’t like what you recorded.

WhatsApp is handing out these capabilities to beta testers on Android and iOS devices starting today. If you are a beta tester, you must upgrade your software to the most recent version to take advantage of the functionality. Because WhatsApp is presently testing the function, it would be premature to speculate on whether or not the voice capability will be made available to non-beta testers in the future.

Similarly, WhatsApp has been observed testing message responses in a different context. You will be able to respond to messages using this feature. You may use an emoji in a message to convey how you feel about something in particular. Message responses are already accessible on Instagram, Twitter, and iMessage, among other platforms.

“The release of one of the first messaging features coming to WhatsApp, responses, has finally been announced. The term “reaction” is already familiar to you: it is often an emoji that may be used to communicate emotions in a text message. Instagram, Twitter, and iMessage all enable message reactions, and we can now begin to track the evolution of their growth”, according to a Wabetainfo article.