WhatsApp will discontinue services for these iPhone models

WhatsApp is said to have withdrawn support and services for iPhones running iOS 9. According to the WABetaInfo source post, iOS 9 smartphones that are on the 2.21.50 beta edition of WhatsApp will not be allowed to access the messaging app. The firm is yet to refresh its FAQ website in the same way.

According to WABetaInfo, the prominent messaging service will remove support for iPhones running iOS version 9 with the release of version that is currently under beta testing. The company gives customers the ability to test new functionality coming to other users through its Testflight Testing Program, which is actually closed since there are no new slots available.

This means that with the forthcoming version of WhatsApp, iPhone 4 and iPhone 4 users will not be allowed to update their WhatsApp app, and ultimately the app will need an update and cease to run. iPhone 5, 5s, 5c users who have not upgraded to a newer version of iOS can do so as soon as possible because they would potentially be unable to access WhatsApp.

WhatsApp is coming up with an updated version of cached/archived chats. The feature is under production and will soon be released. WhatsApp is currently planning user interface updates to the saved chat cell, which would only be visible if you have chats in your folder. Once the feature is public, not all archived conversations would be automatically unarchived.

You should remember that all archived chat notifications are muted too, so you won’t know if you got a call. The source quoted states that this function would be optional. You’re currently going to discover archived chats at the end of all the chats. You just need to open WhatsApp and scroll down to the bottom of your chats. Here you can see the alternative ‘Archived,’ which you need to click on to see all the conversations that you have made.

Moreover, WhatsApp has been focusing on features such as multi-device support for some time now, which allows users to switch between devices quickly and use different devices at once. These features also enable users to move smoothly, without losing their files, between iOS and Android devices.

WhatsApp Update: Working on self-destructing photos (Know More)

WhatsApp is developing some new functions. The Facebook-owned messaging app rolled out a slew of new features last year, and it appears that the app will do so again this year. WhatsApp is working on self-destructing photos, according to reports. This could be similar to the feature that allows you to delete messages. The beta updates revealed hints about the upcoming feature. According to the report, if implemented, the feature would be similar to what we’ve seen on Instagram. When you turn on self-destruct mode, the picture will be removed from the chat as soon as you leave it. Users on Instagram can also choose to keep the photo in the chat and only view it once.