Mumbai Police Using PUBG Game To Spread Road Safety Awareness

Mumbai Police is known to be one of the best police out there when it comes to tweets. The twitter handler of Mumbai Police is quite famous for tweeting some of the so-called “Thug Life” and creative tweets. This time too the Mumbai Police has tweeted something similar to promote the road safety.

As we all know, the PUBG Game is getting much popularity these days. Almost everyone is enjoying playing this awesome game on their mobile devices and PCs. Many actions are going on in the game, the player has to kill the enemy team. There are a lot of weapons available to choose from. The players wear the helmet in order to protect themselves. Well, this is the thing, which the Mumbai Police has used in order to promote road safety.

Mumbai Police Uses PUBG to Promote Helmet Necessity For Riders

In order to encourage the use of helmet among the youth, the Mumbai Police has tweeted the following tweet:

As you can see, the Mumbai Police has used the popular game PUBG which is developed by Tencent and PUBG Corporation for Mobile Devices. The Police also embedded a photo of the famous PUBG Character who is wearing a helmet. Talking about the PUBG, just in case you don’t already know this game has taken less than a week to become one of the fastest games to achieve this performance. This is amazing, isn’t it?

You can see all your social media networks fed with this game. Some are sharing their level and scores, while others are sharing the Video Gameplay of the game. The PUBG is also nominated for the “Best Breakthrough Hit” and “Best Community Building Game” at the 2018 Google Play Awards. The PUBG s the only game nominated for these awards so far.

Talking about the developer, Tencent, the company recently hit the milestone of RMB21.7 billion revenues which is excellent. The popularity of this game has boomed so much that nowadays even the Twitter Handler of services like Mumbai Police are using it to promote safety among the citizens.

All and all, this is a significant step took by the twitter handler of the Mumbai Police. Because if they would have simply tweeted that “One should always wear the helmet, it is very much important for safety” then it would not have hit this much retweets and likes. But they have made it creative by using the PUBG Image and tweeting “Care so much for your head in your virtual life and not in reality? Not the best game plan! No area may be safe without a helmet, so you must wear one #SafetyFirst #WearAHelmet” which looks much more creative.

We hope that the people would take this as a no joke and would wear the helmet for their security. Let us know your thoughts on this tweet in the comments section down below.