Facebook’s ‘Thankful’ Emoji Disappeared, We will miss it for a while.

Ever since facebook added ‘Reaction’ button, the demand for dislike button has decreased. Now, we are able to react to photos, videos, news, and gifs. Last year facebook introduced reaction emojis  LIKE, HAHA, LOVE, ANGRY and SAD and the newsfeed has become more expressive.

Facebook recently did something more positive. For Mother’s Day this year and last year, they added a special reaction ‘Flower’ emoji to their list of reaction. The flower stood for being thankful.

Facebook thankful emoji gone 2

For a few days, Facebook users were able to express gratitude for posts they liked by selecting a pleasing purple blossom to react to posts. When you click on it, multiple violet flowers pops up it looks pleasant on screens. It was also available for the comment section and you could express your ‘thankfulness’ or ‘gratefulness’ on any relevant post.

Unfortunately, however, just as they did last year, Facebook removed the option just days after the holiday passed.


Grateful is one of the most effective emotions and practices for cultivating happiness and well-being, as well as relating to others, and this has been demonstrated in many instances. Many people liked that feature. But, it looks like Zuckerberg isn’t so thankful about it.

There are no cons for facebook if they keep this emoji among other reactions but they chose to remove it. According to some media reports, facebook was just testing this emoji. Now, when the test is done, please bring the reaction button back, facebook!