Facebook to add more emojis to ‘Like’ button

Facebook is likely to add more emojis to the ‘Like’ button. There are almost six new emoticons to be added. The six emoticons are the one’s which express love, laughter, happiness, shock, sadness and anger. The thumbs up emoticon is most likely to be added in the list.

It’s in the testing stage and currently being tested in two countries Ireland and Spain. “It’s not a ‘dislike’ button, though we hope it addresses the spirit of this request most broadly,” Facebook chief product officer Chris Cox wrote in a post on Facebook. “We studied which comments and reactions are most commonly and universally expressed across Facebook, then worked to design an experience around them that was elegant and fun.”

“What they really want is an ability to express sympathy,” Mr. Zuckerberg said. “If you’re expressing something sad…it may not feel comfortable to ‘like’ that post, but your friends and people want to be able to express that they understand.”

This new feature of adding emoticons can be hugely beneficial to the page owners as they can keep track of how the users will be engaging with their posts and clearly depicts their reactions.

“We’re starting to test Reactions in Ireland and Spain and will learn from this before we bring the experience to everyone. We hope you like this – or can better express how you’re feeling!,” he added.