This Man Built a $51,000 Supercomputer Just To Play Tetris

You can not simply guess a computer geek or a gamer’s intention of doing things. Most of the time they do the things one simply can not imagine and the only thing remain to say is “WTF!!”.

James Newman is one of them. He has gone to a great time and expense building his own computer.

But the 55-year-old British software engineer’s computer is way different than other home-built machines. Newman’s computer is actually a mega processor and it takes a whole room in his house in Great Shelford.

“I spent around three hours a night working on it and I’ve had to take all the books and shelves and sofas out of my lounge,”

he told SWNS.

“I’m lucky because it’s quite a big lounge but I’ve had to put everything else in my spare room.”

In total, it cost more than $51,000 over a five-year period.

“I didn’t plan on spending [that much money]at the start. It grew as time went by and I got a bit more ambitious,”

he said.
And He admits,

“If I had a wife she’d probably have left me by now.”

James Newman with his Tetris Machine
James Newman age 54 from Shelford Cambridgeshire with his computer. Source: SWNS

What did he get for such big effort? Not much. It’s a million times slower and has a million times less memory than a typical desktop, according to South West News Service.

Oh, and you can only play Tetris on it.
Newman is now planning on holding open days at his house for people to see the machine.

“In the longer term I would like to put it in a museum or go on a road tour to show people,” he said. “I want to show people how computers works and get children interested in electronics.”

Source: Huffington Post | SOUTH WEST NEWS SERVICE