Microsoft to launch a new internet browser ‘Spartan’ for Windows 10

According to a report microsoft is ready to launch a brand-new internet browser for Windows 10 and It will be similar to Google chrome and Mozilla Firefox. After a case study, it has shown that people are not likely to use Internet Explorer because of its complexity, slow speed, and look. Though, Microsoft’s new version of Internet explorer are very good and fast but still Microsoft is failed to change the mentality of users about internet explorer.

According to a new report from Microsoft insider Mary J. Foley at Zdnet: The new browser will be similar to Google chrome and Mozilla Firebox by it’s look and feel. she says the new browser is code named “Spartan” . But it will not be an updated version of Internet explorer.

According to reports, new ‘Spartan’ browser will use Microsoft’s Chakra JavaScript engine and Trident rendering engine, is described overall as a “new, light-weight browser.”

So will it replace Internet Explorer?

No, The new ‘Spartan’ browser will not replace Internet Explorer, however, when it’s released as part of Windows 10 this year. Foley’s sources says that Windows 10 will come with Spartan and Internet Explorer, presumably for backward-compatibility functionality. According to report, Spartan will also support Windows 10 on mobile but this is unclear whether Spartan will be ported to Android and iOS or not .

This brand-new internet browser will definitely increase the excitement of people waiting for windows 10. It has already revealed that windows will come with virtual digital assistant Microsoft Cortana .

We may hear everything about Spartan browser on Microsoft’s Windows 10 event in January, which is called “The Next Chapter.” This event also promises some gaming news from Xbox boss Phil Spencer, who is one of the featured speakers.

Update: Click here to see official features

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