Google will soon enter into Mobile ISPs


After Android worlds best software for mobile and being one of the most powerful ISPs in the US, Google will enter into mobile internet service providers

According to recent media reports, Google is planning to enter in to mobile internet service providers where users can browse the internet, make calls and send texts etc.

Rather than building yards or offices Google will buy existing 3G and 4G network providers and provide internet in cheaper rates than the consumers were getting from the networks in which they were earlier.

This move will make Google a Mobile Virtual Network Operator(MVNO).

A mobile virtual network operator is an operator which will provide internet to the consumers using existing networks, they do not own  the Infra on which the network was earlier built.

They rather buy access to parts of these networks as wholesale prices. An MVNO basically runs as independent company, with its own staff and service center.

By this move Google will bond itself as an internet service provider.

Currently the wireless networks are situated in Kansas City, Missouri and Ohio. There are plans to expand these networks in Austin, Atlanta, Georgia, Portland, Oregon, San Jose and 6 other metro areas in the near future.

This news tells that Google`s network will have to stay slightly dependent on WiFi access points(AP) built on Google`s Fibre Network, counting on the other carriers only when the network is unavailable or unreachable. In February many believed that Google was developing an app by which the consumers can skip the login process and can directly connect to the network, but they did not go forward with this idea.

Source:- The Verge and The Indian Republic