Internet Leaving Reviews for Titan Submarine Logitech Controller

There has been a disturbing incident involving an OceanGate submersible, aka Titan submarine, that has left many deeply unsettled. This underwater transport, carrying five passengers, captured significant attention when all communication with the surface suddenly ceased. Distressing news followed, revealing that the passengers had a limited window of approximately 70 hours before the submersible’s oxygen supply would be exhausted. The gravity of the situation stirred widespread concern and apprehension. Now the Internet is trolling Logitech’s F710 controller, which was used to steer the submersible.

Trolls Leave Reviews For Titan Submarine Controller On Amazon

OceanGate submersible

Tragedy struck during an expedition involving the Titan submarine, which aimed to explore the depths and search for the Titanic shipwreck. Unfortunately, this journey did not conclude as planned, and the news of all five passengers aboard losing their lives spread worldwide.

As investigations unfolded, it was revealed that the Titan submarine had been operated using an outdated Logitech video game controller commonly used by children at home. The use of such a controller for a mission of such magnitude raised significant concerns and questions about the safety protocols and equipment involved in the operation.

The use of Logitech’s F710 controller, originally designed for PC gaming and available at an affordable price, on an expensive and advanced OceanGate submersible raises serious concerns. The F710 Wireless Gamepad, launched in 2010 and still being sold by Logitech, was not specifically designed or intended to meet the stringent standards required for professional submersible operations.

Given the significant difference in cost and complexity between the submersible, estimated to be worth over $250,000, and the relatively inexpensive gamepad priced at $30, it is evident that the controller was not intended for use in such a high-stakes and specialized environment. The mismatch between the affordability and capabilities of the gamepad and the demanding nature of submersible operations has sparked discussions about the selection and suitability of equipment in critical scenarios.

Logitech's F710 gamepad

The Internet Is Trolling Logitech’s F710 Controller on Amazon

Following the revelation about the use of Logitech’s gamepad on the expensive submersible, the internet has been flooded with a mix of shock, criticism, and a touch of dark humor. Internet trolls have taken the opportunity to make light of the situation, leaving snide and comical reviews on Amazon about the product.

These reviews, filled with dark humor and witty remarks, may be unsettling for some but have entertained users on platforms like Twitter. Some reviewers have gone as far as posting a picture of OceanGate’s CEO, Stockton Rush, and crafting their reviews from his perspective. Others have left sarcastic comments like “not waterproof” or “works great in a submarine,” adding to the humorous take on the incident. It appears that internet users have found a way to find amusement in an otherwise serious situation.

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