Advices If You’re Planning To Start blogging in 2023

If you’re new to writing, I’d like to provide a couple of ideas to help you begin your writing journey. Why should you listen to my suggestions? The solution is simple: Without any prior knowledge or experience in blogging, I penned my first piece in 2018. After five years, I can support myself in my writing alone. These recommendations are true experiences that I’ve learned along the road. No fluff, just clear, concrete advice.

1. Multiple Niches and Structure

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In my opinion, the best way to find out whether there is a market for a subject you’re interested in writing about is to spend one day, or at minimum, a handful of hours, brainstorming all the possible ideas that come to mind. Try your hand at a few articles if you’re unsure.

Creating a post without a defined framework is among the most frequent errors I see novice bloggers make. Long, rambling rants don’t hold readers’ attention for more than a few pages. An outline is the greatest approach to guarantee that your work will have a coherent framework. Alternatively, you may depend on simple forms, such as the listicle format I’m employing here.

2. First Draft, then Edit

I used to take forever to write anything when I initially began my blog. The trouble I had was that I overthought each line and wanted it to be flawless before going to the next. To do this, I had to toggle between “creative” and “editing” modes of thought. Once I realized I could postpone editing until later, my work took on a much more natural flow. My advice is to always write a rough draft with few revisions and then come back and polish it up.

3. Diversify Your Earning

I wish I had known earlier about the value of spreading out one’s revenue streams. It’s impossible to predict when a site will go offline or when a customer may suddenly decide to end a contract. If you’re writing to generate money rather than merely as a pastime, it’s crucial to diversify your income sources.

For the many aspiring authors out there who are having trouble breaking even, I offer the following suggestions: Make a pitch to regional publications. Kick off a newsletter. Create an e-book out of your blog content. Look for online affiliate networks. Browse online employment boards.

4. Images are Important


Whether you’re posting on Tumblr, Medium, or any other site, you should always start your posts with a picture. As a bonus, this may boost the article’s popularity on search engines and enhance its overall presentation. People-centered imagery is more likely to be shared and liked. Be sure that you can use the picture without violating anyone’s rights. As an alternative, you may have to pay for the privilege of using it, but it should be available under a free license.

5. Enjoy yourself

Have fun with it, whether you’re penning professionally or for fun. To be honest, I don’t think blogging is a great method to generate money if you don’t like writing; therefore, I wouldn’t suggest it to anybody. If you’re not having fun, try discussing something else or doing it less often. When I’m in a good mood, I find that my writing increases as well.

I really hope that you’ve learned anything from these suggestions. It’s most important to keep going and to keep improving. Almost no blog ever becomes popular overnight; however, if you consistently put out quality work and always strive to improve, you can expect your viewership to increase steadily.