WhatsApp New Feature Can Totally Change The Game

Let’s say you send a text to the incorrect individual or group by mistake. You were in such a rush to get rid of the message that you selected “delete for me” rather than “delete for everyone.” The humiliating message you just sent cannot be seen or deleted by you, but the recipients will see it in the conversation. WhatsApp now offers an “unintentional delete” option that may help you recover from just such a precarious position.

WhatsApp New Feature

When using the new function, you may recover a message for five seconds after deleting it. A confirmation dialog box stating “Message erased for me” will pop up following you remove a message. The dialogue box will also have a little “Undo” button. The text you just erased will resurface if you press the button.


WhatsApp stated on December 14 that it would be experimenting with picture-in-picture functionality for iOS video calls. Since this capability has been available on Android smartphones for quite some time, Apple’s products fall even further behind. The iOS version of WhatsApp’s picture-in-picture functionality is presently only accessible to beta users; the functionality will not go out to the general public until next year.


The head of WhatsApp Pay in India, Vinay Choletti, left the company earlier this month, just a couple of months after starting. In September, Manesh Mahatme left the firm to join Amazon, and Choletti took over the management of WhatsApp Pay in India then.