Tesla Working On New Air-Powered Charging Pad

Now Tesla has accomplished what Apple failed to achieve. In 2017, Apple introduced AirPower, a wireless charging station that could simultaneously charge up to three gadgets without connecting any cables. As a result of technical challenges, unfortunately, the project was discontinued. Motivated by its future Cybertruck, Tesla has revealed a Qi-based wireless charging system it calls the Tesla wireless charging infrastructure, which can charge up to three gadgets at once with up to 15W of electricity each.

 Air-Powered Charging Pad

Tesla’s “FreePower” innovation, which allows a smartphone or peripheral to power wirelessly without needing to be aligned with the charging pad, is reminiscent of AirPower and suggests that the Tesla wireless charging technology has been influenced by it. The wireless charger includes 30 coils and a little Tesla emblem on the outside. It appears from the photographs that the gadget was designed with Apple consumers in mind since it can wirelessly charge Apple products such as the iPhone, AirPods, as well as the Apple Watch.

It’s worth noting that Tesla’s wireless charging base is a high-quality add-on with an Alcantara finish that prevents scratching. A magnetic stand that can be detached from the smartphone also comes included, giving customers the option of using the device on a level surface or at an inclination. The included wireless charging pad is powered by a 65W adapter that is included in the package.

 Air-Powered Charging Pad

The Tesla wireless charging system may be pre-ordered through the Tesla online store at the time of this writing for $300, or approximately Rs 25,000. The release date, as announced by the manufacturer, is set for February 2023.

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