Gmail is Experiencing Global Outage in Many Nations

To this day, many people across the globe are still having trouble using Gmail, Google’s renowned email service. Although has seen an increase in Gmail disruptions during the last hour, it seems to be working again for some customers. Nevertheless, Gmail is down, as shown by Google’s official application status panel.

The dashboard indicates that Google is aware of a problem with the service. In addition, “We are having trouble with Gmail” is included in the Gmail-related details. Email delivery times for certain users may be affected. The problem is still being looked at by our technical team. By Saturday, 2022-12-10, at 08:30 US/Pacific, we will publish an addendum with the most recent information.


The staff has updated, so perhaps there will be a solution soon. According to the most recent information available, “remediation is ongoing, and mail distribution is no more faltering,” but the Google Engineering group is still processing the accumulated backlog of emails and hopes to get everything sent within the next several hours.

Users all around India were complaining that their emails weren’t being delivered and that the Gmail app was unusable. The business versions of Gmail are also down right now. Over 1.5 billion people throughout the globe use Gmail, making it one of the most popular programs of 2022. Several hours following the email service was originally declared offline, Downdetector still showed it as down. This unexpected disruption has impacted both the application and desktop services.




The hashtag #GmailDown began appearing on Twitter as well as other social media as consumers had difficulties sending urgent emails. The ability to send and receive emails may be affected, as shown by comments left on Downdetector. A lot of people said they were having problems getting emails sent to their accounts.

Google has not yet made a public announcement about the problem. As soon as we learn more about what triggered this disruption, we shall revise this report. Considering how many people rely on Meta’s WhatsApp, a previous outage in October month caused widespread chaos. Because Google and Meta have so many users, the number of people affected by every outage is exponentially bigger whenever one of their key services goes down.