Netflix to introduce Live Streaming feature soon

Netflix, one of the most popular online streaming companies on the planet, intends to expand its content offering to include live streams. When the function is available, Netflix subscribers throughout the world will be able to watch events in real-time, such as the popular Netflix Is A Joke festival, among others.

Continue reading to learn more about the new Netflix live streaming feature that may be released in the near future.

Netflix Live Stream

As per a recent report, Netflix is looking at live streaming. The platform intends to release functionality that has been under development for some time. When Netflix introduces live streaming, it may use it to broadcast unscripted programming like stand-up specials. According to the source, Netflix will be capable to use the tool for live voting on competitive series and talent contests.

The report lists numerous areas of online streaming that the platform could profit from, such as popular show reunions, unscripted series, and social experiments. Furthermore, if Netflix intends to live stream content through its app, it may very likely show live sports events same as Disney+ Hotstar. According to the article, there is no set launch date for the feature, and it is still in the early stages of development.

“We’re rolling out a new Category Hub in the TV menu so our members around the world can easily find their favourite genres and discover new categories of films, series and specials, all in one place.”

– Netflix

Furthermore, Netflix has launched a new Category hub for TV watchers of the service. On both adult and child Netflix profiles, this hub is located in the left-hand menu. In addition, the new Category Hub will highlight the top three categories depending on user choices. The new site will also feature handpicked collections honoring occasions such as Internal Women’s Day and Earth Day. Other genres such as Children & Family, Horror, and Documentaries will also be available there. The content streaming company wants customers to imagine the new Caterogry Hub for TV as a livelier version of the old hub.


Netflix lovers will definitely love this new live streaming feature. We will eventually update everything we get to know about the Netflix Live Stream feature. Keep following Technotification to get the latest update.