Microsoft Edge Secure Network is here to protect your browsing

Microsoft has introduced a VPN service for its Internet Explorer browser. The service, known as the Edge Secure Network, functions similarly to an in-built VPN in that it secures the user’s identity when accessing the internet. Other browsers, such as Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome, provide a paid VPN service to their customers.

“Edge helps you keep safe online. However, the networks you join may not be adequately secure. Microsoft Edge Secure Network can help you protect your device and sensitive data as you browse.”


Continue reading to learn more about the Microsoft Edge Secure Network, its functionality, and the company’s data cap.

Microsoft Edge Secure Network

Wondering about the Microsoft Edge Secure Network features? Let’s take a look at the features.

The Microsoft Edge Secure Network encrypts internet access for users in order to secure their data from theft. Microsoft Edge Secure Network actually prevents ISPs from collecting browsing data by encrypting information that goes between a user’s computer and servers. Microsoft Edge Secure Network, like other virtual private networks, allows users to keep their location and IP address hidden. Those who login into Microsoft Edge with their Microsoft Account will receive 1GB of free bandwidth each month, which isn’t much but is enough to get them started.

Microsoft Edge Secure Network is also provided in partnership with Cloudflare, according to the business. The service is powered by Cloudflare, which will permanently destroy all troubleshooting and support data collected every 25 hours. Cloudflare’s WARP appears to be lagging behind the anticipated Microsoft offering.

It will undoubtedly make securing surfing activity easier for people who are hesitant to meddle with VPNs, and it may even entice them to join up with Microsoft Edge.


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