Do I Require A Screen Guard For My Samsung Galaxy S22?

No doubt, the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S22 is an impressive smartphone in many aspects. However, does it require a screen protector? Any time you buy a smartphone, you’re going to have to deal with this dilemma. People want to make sure they’re getting the best protection possible after shelling out a significant amount of sum on a new smartphone. Factors like water/dust resistance, fall protection, as well as abrasion resistance are always important to check for.

Samsung Galaxy S22

The Galaxy S22 Glass

The Galaxy S22 family has a lot going for it in this sense. In addition to Samsung’s proprietary ‘Armor Aluminum’ metal frame, all three models include an IP68 certification. Although they’re a little on the slender side, these phones have the endurance to make them highly useful. The S22 series ticks nearly all the boxes when you add in a high-end chipset, stunning display technology, and outstanding cameras.

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But how long-lasting, and robust is the S22’s display? Corning Gorilla Glass Victus is available across all three Galaxy S22 models, regardless of which one you bought. At the time of this writing, the aforementioned glass is the toughest Gorilla Glass available. Compared to the 1.6-meter drop test of 2018’s Gorilla Glass 6, Corning claims it can withstand intense falls of up to two meters.

Samsung Galaxy S22

This version of Gorilla Glass Victus has double the scratch resistance of its predecessor. As a result, it’s a highly long-lasting product. A screen protector isn’t required for everyone who purchases a Galaxy S22. If you’re cautious with your phone and not prone to dropping it here and there, you won’t need a protective case for the Samsung Galaxy S22.

Do You Really Need Galaxy S22 Screen Protector

However, some people may still want to safeguard their screens using a protective case. Unfortunately, not everyone is as kind with their mobile devices as others. Some folks put their headsets through the terrible ordeal, whether they work in a construction area or are just clumsy, and careless. For them, purchasing a screen protector for their brand new Galaxy S22 is a logical decision. Gorilla Glass Victus, no matter how durable, is still just glass. Even though it’s Corning’s best scratch-and-drop resistant glass ever, if subjected to too much abuse, it will fracture.

In a nutshell? There are plenty of screen covers for the Galaxy S22. On the internet, you may get strong tempered glass plus TPU film alternatives for $15 to $20.

Samsung Galaxy S22

In a nutshell? There are plenty of screen covers for the Galaxy S22. On the internet, you may get strong tempered glass plus TPU film alternatives for $15 to $20. In the long run, it might be the matter of having a functional phone or one that’s permanently damaged. Grab a screen guard today if you feel you’ll need it before the ship set sails.