Epic Games Store to continue offering Free Games In 2022

Epic Games, known for the famous battle royal game Fortnite, recently shared their VISION for Epic games store. Epic games have always been the odd-one-out when it comes to multi-national companies, with their aggressive attack on Apple over app store policy to improve game developer’s income, and them offering free games through Epic games store.

Some notable games offered by them are  Control, Civilization VI, and World famous Grand Theft Auto V, and they don’t plan to stop offering more free games anytime soon.

Through a blog post, Epic games shared that their store reached a new milestone of more than 194 million users, up to 34 million users year over year. Epic games also report that it received 13.2 million users during its peak, suggesting Epic games is slowly growing its user base.

But it should be noted that Value’s steam recorded 28 million concurrent users in the past 48 hours, suggesting that Epic games store still has a long journey before they could disrupt steam’s monopoly.

Epic Games also shared a glimpse of the new features they plan to add to the Epic Games store. They plan to continue providing free games and for its regular offering of free games through the Epic Games store.

The new features which plan to add include profiles, giving users the ability to prioritize downloads, and improvements to the speed and performance of the Epic Games Launcher.

They also promised to keep on offering free games from well-reputed Game studios through the year so they could keep on attracting new users to their Game store.

2022 might just be the year when Epic games store could finally be a valid competition for the Steam Game store. Consumers will always benefit from the increased competition so let’s hope Epic Games store is able to grow some new heights this year. Who knows maybe steam also starts giving away free games like Epic Games Store.