WhatsApp will soon let users undo status updates posted in a hurry

WhatsApp is currently developing a slew of improvements to improve the user experience. WhatsApp was observed testing the ability to undo status changes for beta users, which was later confirmed. This implies that anytime a user posts a status update on WhatsApp, they will now be presented with an undo option.

Currently, the functionality can only be accessed through the iOS beta app and has not been made accessible to non-beta users.

Apparently, according to Wabetainfo, WhatsApp has added the ability to undo status updates to its beta version of the programme. By using this tool, you may immediately remove a status update that you had accidentally put on Facebook.

For the time being, you must go through the time-consuming procedure of pressing on the three dots to erase a status update that you may have put in a rush or by accident. Nevertheless, as soon as the undo option is implemented, you will be able to swiftly remember everything you have written on the messaging app.

WhatsApp Statuses are similar to Instagram Stories in that they are only visible on the site for 24 hours at a time. People who have been added to your contact list will be able to see the current status, but those who have not been added will not be able to see it.

WhatsApp has solved difficulties with new status updates, in addition to adding the ability to reverse status changes in the future. For the time being, only iOS users will be able to test the functionality because it has been made accessible to iOS beta users. Users will need to upgrade to WhatsApp beta for iOS in order to take use of the functionality.

The option “Undo” will become available for a brief period of time after the status update has been published: if you pick it, the status update will be automatically removed for everyone. This shortcut comes in handy when you accidentally upload something and want to swiftly remove it from the site.

This functionality is now accessible to those iOS beta testers who have signed up for it. The source stated that if the function is not accessible for your WhatsApp account, it signifies that it has not been rolled out to you yet and that future beta updates may assist your account in receiving the feature.

Apart from this, WhatsApp is also working on the ability for users to easily forward stickers to one another.

According to reports, WhatsApp has included a new shortcut next to the stickers that would allow users to quickly forward stickers without having to put in any effort. In the message thread, the forward shortcut will display next to the sticker next to the sticker. You may use the shortcut to send it to your contacts by tapping on it.

Users will no longer be required to go through the time-consuming procedure of touching and holding the sticker and then sending it to their contacts once the functionality is implemented.

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