Twitter testing new features – Explore Tab to enhance the user experience

Twitter has launched a new Explore page that looks similar to TikTok for users in some areas. This page will allow users to browse the most popular and trending material on the network in a quick and convenient manner. Additionally, Twitter has revealed that it is testing one-time cautions for users on the photographs and videos that have been published on the social media platform.

Only a few people have access to this function at the time. Users can utilise the one-time warning tool to mark their postings as containing nudity, violence, or other sensitive content. Previously, users were required to label all of their postings as sensitive. Also discussed in a recent blog post was Twitter’s experiment with reporting material that is focused on the “human-first” approach.

On the 8th of December, Twitter began a limited deployment of the new Explore tab. The Explore tab has been reorganised into two sections: ‘Trends’ and ‘For you.’ Several people have commented that the layout is similar to that of TikTok. It is also expected to function in a similar manner, with users merely needing to swipe up to access fresh material. Currently, this functionality is only available in certain regions for users who use Twitter in English on their Android or iOS devices.

Twitter Security may be found by clicking on the Explore tab. On December 8, the company published a blog post announcing the one-time warning function. People use Twitter to discuss current events, and Twitter acknowledged this in a blog post, saying that “posting unpleasant or sensitive information” is a possibility on the network at times.

Twitter introduced the new function after mentioning it in an earlier blog post that it was experimenting with a new feature. A method that puts the human being foremost In order to report material. It is being developed to make the reporting process easier for users to understand. As of now, this strategy is being evaluated in the United States with a small user population, with the goal of making it broadly accessible by the end of the calendar year.

In an effort to enhance its platform, Twitter has put in a lot of effort, but not all of the adjustments have gone well. Recently, the company revised its photo authorization policy in order to combat internet misuse. Although this policy change allowed far-right organisations to conceal themselves from scrutiny and harassment on Twitter, it also facilitated the harassment of anti-racism campaigners. Twitter has already acknowledged that its “enforcement teams made multiple mistakes” and is conducting an internal assessment of the policy modification.