Twitter will not auto-refresh your feed anymore

Twitter has finally decided to remove an obnoxious feature from its platform. In a recent announcement, the social media behemoth stated that it will no longer be automatically refreshing timelines on the web.

For Twitter users, you are probably familiar with how inconvenient it can be when you are reading a tweet and Twitter’s auto-refreshing function causes the entire feed to be refreshed with new messages. To read a tweet that was shown when you first accessed a website, you often had to scroll all the way down and click on the link. Things are changing, though, and Twitter does not want its users to have to cope with the irritating auto-refreshing function anymore.

Twitter announced the new update on its support page, writing, “An upgrade to the disappearing Tweet experience is going out for the web! You may now pick when new Tweets will be loaded into your timeline by clicking on the Tweet counter bar at the top of the page.”

It was stated in September by Twitter that it will make changes to the way tweets show on the site. The social media site said that it understands how inconvenient it may be when the timeline auto-refreshes and tweets disappear from view in the middle of a conversation. When the business first revealed the problem back in September, it said that the fixes to correct it will be sent within two weeks.

A notable exception is that neither Twitter’s mobile applications for iOS nor Android support automatic refresh. Since the tweets don’t disappear while you’re still reading them, you may have observed that the tweet will remain in the view until you actively refresh the screen. Similar issues may be predicted with the Twitter website in the future, since the tweets will remain on your feet until you click on the refresh button on your browser.

Regarding a similar topic, Twitter has earlier introduced the ability to see bigger photographs in the preview mode. It was early this year that Twitter introduced full-size image previews on its mobile application. Users would be able to view the full-size image on the web as well, thanks to this capability. Previously, Twitter would crop the photographs that appeared in your feed, but this is no longer the case. Consequently, the photographs will now show in the same manner as they do in your gallery.