Instagram is ending support for Threads app by December 2021 end

Threads, a messaging app similar to Snapchat that was introduced by Instagram in 2019, is being phased down. As a consequence of the change, users will begin to get an invitation to return to the original Instagram application. Only a small number of Instagram users have been granted the ability to include music in their feed posts, similar to how it is currently available with Reels and Stories postings. India, along with Brazil and Turkey, will be among the nations where the new function will be tried for the first time.

In a statement to TechCrunch, Instagram confirmed that the Threads feature will be discontinued by the end of December. In addition, starting on November 23, users will begin to receive an in-app message announcing the company’s demise.

Alessandro Paluzzi, a reverse engineer, was the first to bring attention to the fact that Threads had been discontinued. In addition, he shared a screenshot of the notification that Instagram has yet to begin displaying to its users.

Threads, Instagram’s standalone image-centric messaging app, was introduced for both Android and iOS smartphones in October 2019 as an Instagram alternative. According to the researchers, the software shared some similarities with Snapchat in that it allowed users to share their photographs and videos in a visually appealing format with their close friends. Last year, though, it expanded beyond close friends and was upgraded to allow users to communicate with anybody on the social media platform.

However, although no specific reason for the closure of Threads has been offered, according to a Meta spokeswoman, the photo-sharing platform would now concentrate its efforts on improving how users interact with their close friends on Instagram itself.

In a statement, an Instagram spokeswoman stated, “We know that people care about connecting with their close friends, and we’ve seen this notably over the past few years with the increase of messaging on Instagram.” “Bringing the fun and distinctive features from Threads to the main Instagram app, as well as continuing to develop methods for users to better interact with their close friends on Instagram, are two of our top priorities right now. All of these features and abilities will now be available in the main app, which we think will make it more convenient for consumers to use.”

In addition to closing down Threads, Instagram, which is owned by Meta, has begun exploring the possibility for users to include music in their news feed postings. People will be able to have a song or a music track broadcast alongside their images and videos published on the feed as a result of this functionality.

When a user touches on a song, they will be directed to an audio page, where they will be able to see all of the feed posts that are using that particular song.

Instagram stated in a press release that the function is now being tested with a limited fraction of the company’s worldwide community and is initially available to certain users in India, Brazil, and Turkey, among other countries. According to the corporation, it will be extended in light of the lessons learned and comments received from the community.